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My research falls into four overlapping areas, color coded on this page. A: Normative Powers (e.g. Consent, Promises, Threats); B. Rights Theory; C. Sexual Ethics; D. Exploitation Theory. Those overlapping papers will correspond to the color wheel: AB = Purple; AC = Orange; BC = Green; Anything combined with D will remain grey. Any combination of three or more topics will appear in black. The random extras are in torqouise. Apologies to the color blind. Also, here is a link to my Curriculum Vitae.


  1. “Coercion, Consent, and the Mechanistic Question” Ethics, 2021
  2. “Threats, Warnings, and Assertions” in The Oxford Handbook of Assertions, ed. Sandy Goldberg, Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2020
  3. “Sexual Consent, Self-Defense, and Epistemic Responsibility” in Applied Epistemology, ed. Jennifer Lackey, Oxford University Press; forthcoming 2020
  4. “Threats, Warnings, and Relationship Ultimatums” in the Routledge Handbook of Love in Philosophy, ed. Adrienne Martin, Routledge (2019)
  5. “Two Ways to Transfer a Bodily Right” Journal of Moral Philosophy. 15 (1): 46-63. 2018
  6. “Promises and the Backward Reach of Uptake” American Philosophical Quarterly. Vol. 55, Number 1, January 2018.
  7. “The Problem with Sexual Promises” Ethics. Ethics, Vol.127 (2). Jan 2017.
  8. “Intention and Sexual Consent” Philosophical Explorations. 20 (2): 127-141. 2017
  9. “Species Membership and the Veil of Ignorance: What principles would the representatives of animals choose?” Utilitas. Vol. 29, Issue 3: 299-320. 2017.
  10.  “Chemical Castration and the Violation of Sexual Rights” in Treatment for Crime, ed. David Birks, Oxford University Press. 2018
  11. “Promises, Release-Seeking, and Exploitation: How you should not get off the hook” Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 54. (S1): 143-165. Spindel Supplement (2016).
  12. “Promissory Obligation: Against a Unified Account” in Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics Volume VI. Edited by Mark Timmons, Spring 2016.
  13. “Evil, Wrongdoing, and Concept-Distinctness” with Fred Harrington. Philosophical Studies, 173 (6): 1591-1602. (2016)
  14. “Introduction to Special Issue on Dominating Speech” in Social Theory and Practice. Volume 42. Number 2. April, 2016. pp. 225-227
  15. “Review of Buchanan, Allen. The Heart of Human Rights. Oxford: Oxford University Press: 2013.” Ethics. July 2015 (Vol. 125, No. 4).
  16. “Exploitation and the Vulnerability Clause” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Special Issue from the British Society of Ethical Theory Meeting, Vol.17: 4 (2014).
  17. “The Exploitation Solution to the Non-Identity Problem” Philosophical Studies, Selected Papers from the 2013 Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference, Vol. 167, Issue 1 (2014).
  18. “The Moral Specification of Rights: A Restricted Account” Law and Philosophy, Vol. 33: 2, (2014).
  19. “Noxious Markets vs Noxious Gift Relationships” Social Theory and Practice, Vol. 39: 2 (2013)
  20. “Denying the Suberogatory” Philosophia Vol. 40, Number 2 (2012)
  21. “On the Costly Compromises of Research Relationships” The American Journal of Bioethics, July, Volume 10, Number 7 (2010).
  22. “Normalizing Prostitution vs Normalizing the Alienation of Sexual Rights: A response to Scott A. Anderson” Ethics Vol. 120 (2009)

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